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Congratulations! By visiting this website, you have already demonstrated uncommon perspicacity and awareness in comparison to the majority of our fellow Americans. Now is your chance join me in an exploration of the utter stupidity of American Governance. Running the gambit from illogical policies and inexplicable rationales, to straight up mendacity and behavior worthy of public shame and vitriol, our political leadership is the source of endless insanity that might be found comedic were it not for its frightening importance to everyday life. That is why it is the mission of this blog to expose the contradictions, hypocrisy, ignorance and idiocy exhibited by elected officials and other public figures that negatively influence our country's political discourse. By highlighting the political absurdities that Americans tolerate on a daily basis, we can work to effectively root out the wide array of nefarious ideologies and blindingly dogmatic impulses that permeate our society today.

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