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First Post

Thank you for visiting!

Allow me to explain to you a little bit about how this platform works. This is a website dedicated to exposing the shear lunacy of government largesse, abuse, deceit and disingenuous affectation. In order to accomplish this task, we must to draw on our collective knowledge of such government excesses. Therefore, I highly encourage you to air your grievances by contacting us and sharing your thoughts on these matters. We are looking to publish any relevant information pertaining to the overreaches of government, deficiencies in our elected officials and disconnects between the political establishment and the will of its constituents, as it would behoove us all to at least be aware of these occurrences of waste, fraud and abuse perpetrated in our name. Who knows, perhaps maybe the public will even start to pay attention to the ridiculous things our politicians do, supposedly at our own behest. After all, it is the voters from whom a politician's power is derived, which ultimately means that this power can be reclaimed... We just have to want it badly enough.

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