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Hillary Clinton Thinks YOU are an Idiot

We should all be offended. Unless of course you don’t take umbrage with being called a moron, in which case, this article probably isn’t for you. But if you have come to expect your politicians to at least show some modicum of respect for you as a constituent, then the behavior exhibited by the next likely leader of the free world should infuriate you. Instead, we get the media, who by all rights should be the most offended among us, glossing over what almost certainly amounts to prior criminal conduct by a current Presidential candidate. What’s more, this candidate herself has repeatedly made deliberately misleading statements about the issue in question that insult the intelligence of every American bearing witness to her mendacity, and yet the mainstream media, for the most part, has refused to betray their darling, even becoming complicit, at times, in her deceit. I’m talking, of course, about Hillary Rodham Clinton and the fiasco surrounding her use of a private unsecured email server to conduct government business while serving as our nation’s Secretary of State, an appointment for which she was woefully unqualified as we would later come to find.

For her first act of betraying the American public’s trust as Secretary of State, Hilldog (as she will be referred to throughout the remainder of this post) made the unwise decision to host a personal email account on a private server in her home and utilize this account for official State Department business among other things. How does this betray the trust of the American public, you ask? To answer this question requires a bit of speculation on our part, but it doesn’t take much imagination to surmise a few plausible rationales, most of which involve nefarious intent given Hilldog’s prior track record. It is obvious to even the most naïve political observer that the motivation behind the use of the private server was the innate Clintonian desire to have complete control over all aspects of the couple’s public image, especially as it pertains to public displays of incompetency. Yet, when answering questions about why she decided to use a covert private server for official business, we are offered inanities that make little rational sense, such as the notion that she only wished to use one device for all communications, be it personal or government related. Only one conclusion can be drawn from this ridiculous excuse: Hilldog thinks we are all dupes. It is obvious that her use of a private server was undertaken specifically to circumvent government transparency laws and protocols that might otherwise have preserved communications with the potential to portray the former secretary in a negative light. The fact that she was willing to publically state otherwise is indicative of her arrogance.

But the extent of her disdain for the American public does not end with her willingness to eschew even the appearance of government transparency. Hilldog has taken it one step further by actively concealing communications that transpired while utilizing the server as a host for her email, even in the face of Congressional investigations. In fact, she had good reason to engage in this conduct: it has been alleged and confirmed that classified information had at one point resided on her personal server, a big no-no for any government official unfortunate enough not to have powerful allies to protect them from criminal prosecution. After revelations of the existence of a clandestine server became widely known, speculations arose about the nature of the information that had been stored on the unsecured, non-government controlled device. Once again seeking to stay abreast of any negative publicity, Hilldog issued several statements in an attempt to further obfuscate the nature of her misconduct. It would also become apparent that she had previously deleted several thousand of the emails that once resided on the device. When questioned by the media, inquiring as to whether or not the storage drive had been “wiped”, Hilldog responded by crassly dissimulating her knowledge of tech jargon in the most insulting manner possible: “What, like with a cloth or something?” Sorry for the hyperbole, but either Hilldog doesn’t know what wiping a hard drive means and, therefore, is not qualified to be the leader of the free world in the 21st century, or she is a conniving equivocator who would rather look foolish than answer a tough question truthfully. There is no other alternative reality. She didn't even have the decency to seriously address the the question or deny what should have been recieved as a startling accusation, instead pusillanimously choosing to play dumb in order to avoid that line of inquiry altogether.

Remarkably, these actions still do not account for the very worst of Hilldog’s indiscretions. As mentioned earlier, she is currently under FBI investigation looking into whether or not the former Secretary negligently exposed sensitive information. She almost certainly did. The question is not will there be enough evidence to convict, but instead, will Hilldog be protected by those in power long enough to secure her party’s nomination and the Presidency. Already, of the tens of thousands of emails that are known to have been stored on the server, several thousand have been retroactively classified as containing sensitive information, many of which included “Secret” and “Top Secret” level material. Recall that just a few months prior, Hilldog had emphatically proclaimed that no classified information had ever resided on the server in her home. Upon realizing her proximity to being exposed as the falsifier that she is, she clarified her statement by feigning ignorance, claiming that she never saw anything that was “marked” classified. This is political doublespeak at its finest given the fact that nothing is ever marked “classified”, but it makes for one hell of a selling point assuming the public is inclined to believe that the head of the very organization actually tasked with presiding over the classification process for the entire United States government is incapable of recognizing sensitive material when she sees it. And this ignores the likely possibility that some of the materials residing on Hilldog’s server were of a particular type that would have been considered what is known in clandestine circles as “born secret”, a designation that any competent Secretary of State should be expected to be able to easily identify. If it turns out that even one document considered “born secret” was ever kept on the private server, then Hilldog is guilty of Spying as described under the Espionage Act, for negligently exposing national secrets.

Although numerous public officials have been prosecuted for far less serious offenses in recent years, it still remains to be seen whether or not the FBI will recommend criminal charges be brought against the former Secretary. Even if this scenerio were to transpire, a formal prosecution would seem highly unlikely given the current administration’s proclivity for protecting its own. So, despite these allegations, Hilldog's campain remains unencumbered, for now, as the candidate clearly still possesses the temerity to continue her pursuit of the highest elected office in the country. What with her being aided and abetted by adulating media figures and a largely apathetic public when it comes to matters of government secrecy, it appears as though she might get her wish. In which case, maybe she could issue herself a pardon for her crimes. Either way, there is no excuse for the utter contempt she has exhibited towards the American people, and for that, we should all be offended.

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