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GLORIFIED FACEBOOK RANT: A Political Pact for the Ages Edition

Here's an interesting idea that could have the potential to make us all a little happier, or at least less angry, come election time this November: a political pact for the ages.

Bernie Sanders should approach a Republican politician of sound integrity, character, reputation and credentials, with the intention of entering into an agreement, under which, both would run as independent candidates for president this fall. (for clarification, not on the same ticket but as two separate, independent presidential bids)

The result would be a four way race with Sanders and his Conservative counterpart both siphoning votes away from Hilldog and the Donald, likely even winning a few States along the way. This would create numerous beneficial outcomes from the ensuing political upheaval...

1) the sheer quantity and diversity of viable voting options (I use the term "viable" VERY loosely) makes it exceedingly likely that no candidate will reach the 270 threshold in the Electoral College meaning the House of Representatives would have to decide between the three candidates with the most electoral votes (if you don't want Trump, this may be one way to guarantee he doesn't stand a chance)

2) a much more comprehensive picture of our electorate would develop as a result of us having more candidates to choose from

3) by clearly elucidating the shortcomings of our current electoral system, it would serve as a wake up call to all Americans; hopefully ushering in new reforms that can wrest some modicum of control away from the death grip of the two major parties, like ranked choice voting (we should already be doing this) and the abandonment of the electoral college as a presidential gatekeeper

4) it could open the door for Americans to become more receptive to third party and independent candidates

5) if each candidate fails to secure the requisite 270 in the electoral college, it would potentially create the delightfully awkward situation of having a president and a vice president from opposing parties, since it is the Senate that would be tasked with selecting a VP ( how's THAT for bipartisanship! besides, these clowns deserve each other...)

6) if the house is split, the Senate VP choice becomes President until the house stalemate is broken!

7) this will cause the candidates to further differentiate themselves from one another in order to distinguish their particular platform as the "best" plan for America going forward (as an added bonus we'd be able to easily determine who actually has the courage of their convictions and who's just playing politics, though I suspect we may know this already)

Sure, both independents would run the risk of the other throwing a monkey wrench into the plan by dropping out at the last minute, but, honestly, how hard would it be to find someone with conservative views, who loathes Trump and wants to do anything and everything within their power to see to it that the Donald does not ascend to the presidency?

I'm in. Who wants to sign the petition?!

(originally posted as a Facebook rant on May the 5th 2016 by David Rigotti)

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